Moondance Classes are specifically designed for beginner students with little, or no, experience in Argentine Tango.

Students are introduced to the fundamental movements of Argentine Tango, along with dance etiquette and techniques for maintaining correct posture and a strong (yet comfortable) connection with your dance partner.

Classes are presented in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. We'd like to make you feel as comfortable as possible (whilst we gently and gradually challenge you) so that you will get the most from your tango experience.

Casual attendance is not available for new students as we will continually build upon our skills and knowledge over the duration of the entire term. Returning students, however, may attend on a casual basis if they wish.

Couples and singles are welcome. Singles do not require a partner to join.

Classes are open to school students (who are 16 years and older) and adults (of all ages). All participants will receive the same instruction.

Participants below the age of 18 will be grouped with other students of same age (but are free to dance with adults if they, themselves, choose to).

Please note: Adults may only dance with other adults (unless they have been approached by a student below the age of 18).

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